You have ideas. A script. A concept. An in-house creative team that needs an A-list director, sophisticated production and post-production. We can help. The Vault has an unparalleled and diverse team of some of the world’s best directors, excelling in any category, medium, and style. Supported by our incredible producers, editors, VFX artists, designers, colorists, and sound engineers, The Vault has the perfect team for any idea or budget. And like all things at The Vault, because we operate as one company, we can deliver better work faster and more efficiently than anyone.

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Amit is a comedy director of Indian descent who has never let his disability slow him down from creating memorable spots. And as a die-hard sports fan, he brings an added energy to the humor in his extensive work featuring pro athletes and celebrities.
Born in Arizona and based in LA, Tim is the rare director whose style showcases a combination of big storytelling and smart comedy with a strength in capturing subtle performances in fun situations.
Anne is a Brooklyn-based director whose work is distinguished by both its stylishness and unguarded authenticity. Leaning into her love for people-first content, she brings a relentless curiosity and attention to detail to each and every project.
Filipino-American director currently based out of Brooklyn, Lorenzo is a true storyteller. Bold, emotional, and visually rich narratives with humanity and heart.
LA-based comedy director, Kristin Dehnert, yields big results with major brands by delivering the laughs through smart humor, creative collaboration, and performance driven work with top celebrity and athlete talent.

We have relationships and work with hundreds of directors - please contact us if you have a specific need.